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metering pump

A metering pump is a device designed to accurately and consistently dispense liquids, chemicals or other substances into process systems. Its main purpose is to ensure a precise dose of a certain amount of substance into a liquid or gas stream. Dosing pumps are widely used in various industries, including industry, water supply, food industry, cosmetics, chemical industry and many others.


Operation of dosing pumps:

Dosing pumps have a mechanism that allows precise adjustment of the amount of the dosed substance. This can be achieved by regulating the speed of the pump or by adjusting the size of the dosing chamber.
Use of dosing pumps:

Industry: They are used to precisely dispense chemicals into various processes such as water treatment, food production, pharmaceutical production, paper production and many other industrial applications.
Waterworks: Dosing pumps are used to add chemicals to water to modify water quality, for example in disinfection or pH regulation.
Food industry: In the food industry, dosing pumps are used to add additives, dyes, flavors and preservatives to food.
Cosmetics: In the cosmetics industry, dosing pumps are used to precisely dispense ingredients into creams, shampoos, soaps and other cosmetic products.
Types of dosing pumps:

Peristaltic (hose) pumps: These pumps pressurize the liquid in the hoses by squeezing and releasing the hose, allowing the liquid to move without coming into contact with the pump itself.
Diaphragm (diaphragm pumps) pumps: These pumps use a moving diaphragm to force fluid through a valve that opens and closes with each movement of the diaphragm.
Dosing pumps with a screw mechanism: These pumps use a screw mechanism to expel liquid from the reservoir.
Electric Dosing Pumps: These pumps have an electronic regulator to adjust the pump speed and liquid dosage.
All in all, dosing pumps are an essential piece of equipment in many industrial processes where accuracy and reliability in the dosing of substances is crucial.



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