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Mirelon is a trademark (protected trademark) of insulation material made of lightweight foamed polyethylene with a closed cell structure, which is mainly used as thermal insulation up to +90 °C due to its low thermal conductivity. The foam is flexible and flexible. It does not tend to soak in water, is easy to shape, is chemically resistant, has no impact on the environment and is hygienic. The substance is highly flammable and belongs to group C1.




Utilization Mirelon is used as a heat insulator. The walls of buildings are covered with it, which is then less energetically demanding for heating. Another widespread use is the insulation of pipes to protect them from damage and heat exchange with the environment. Smaller tubes can be threaded into the protective packaging, for larger ones, a wrapping system is used. Insulating foam is also used for thermal insulation of floors, where it is placed on concrete as an underlay for floating floors with a sound absorption of around 17 dB. Alternative uses include soft padding for transporting or packing goods, or as protection for weapons in LARP combat games.
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