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A pipework is a system of pipes that serves to transfer heat from burning fuel to a heat-carrying liquid, often water vapor. It is an important part of the boiler, which enables efficient combustion of fuel and heat exchange between the burning mixture and the heat transfer fluid.


The pipework is formed by a network of pipes that are placed in the combustion chamber or in the burner and are used for the passage of burning gas or smoke. These pipes are often made of steel or other heat-resistant materials that can handle high temperatures and pressures.

When fuel is burned inside the boiler, the burning gases or smoke guided by the tube sheet are overheated and pass through the walls of the tubes, transferring the heat to the outside. The heat is then transferred to the heat transfer fluid, which passes through the tube sheet on the inside of the tubes. The heat transfer fluid is heated and can be used for various purposes, such as heat generation, electricity generation or other applications.

The pipework in the boiler is designed to ensure the largest possible heat exchanger area and optimal conditions for heat transfer. It is important that the tubewell is well designed and correctly dimensioned to achieve the required combustion and heat exchanger efficiency in the boiler. The tube can also contain other components, such as thermal surfaces, rings or hinges, which contribute to increasing the heat transfer surface and improving the performance of the boiler.

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