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In the technical and engineering context, "radial" refers to the direction from the center outward, or from the center to the edges or outside. The term is often used to describe a characteristic of movement, an arrangement of components, or features moving outward from the center of something.

For example:

Radial fan: A fan whose blades are arranged in such a way that the air is drawn in or blown out from the center, i.e. perpendicular to the axis of the fan. This type of fan is often used in applications where it is necessary to create a strong air current.
Radial motion: Motion that is performed outward from the center of the object, such as rotation or spreading of the outer edge.
Radial Part: Any part or component that extends from the center outward and divides into multiple parts toward the edges.
Broadly speaking, "radial" refers to a direction or arrangement from the center to the edges or from the central axis of an object outward.

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