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Recovery - a controlled ventilation system clearly contributes to healthier living and has an indisputable number of advantages.

The recovery system distributes clean air free of impurities to all parts of the building, extracts odors from areas where they originate, such as the kitchen and toilets, and reduces humidity in the bathroom or laundry room. It thus ensures overall balance and a pleasant climate. The air is filtered, that is, it is cleaner than with window ventilation. The use of filters that capture pollen and constant air exchange in the building reduces the amount of bacteria, mold, radon and other pollutants in the air, which significantly contributes to greater comfort and a healthier environment.


Air recovery is a way of ventilating buildings with heat recovery. Adjustable openings for air supply are built into the perimeter wall of the living rooms. The air from the kitchen, bathroom and toilet is removed by a fan[1]. The waste air flows from these rooms with a higher temperature to the ventilation device, where the heat exchanger takes part of the thermal energy from it and transfers it to the fresh air that is supplied to the exchanger from outside. Although this system is demanding, it saves a lot of energy. It has an efficiency of up to 60-80%. Therefore, it is often used in low-energy houses.[2]

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