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storage stove

Accumulation stoves are heating devices that use the principle of heat accumulation for heating and subsequent slow release into the room. They are a popular choice for heating homes and other spaces because they provide long-lasting and even heating.

These stoves have special storage bodies that serve to capture and preserve heat. Accumulator bodies can be made of materials with a high heat capacity, such as ceramics, fireclay, stone or granite. These materials have the ability to absorb and store heat over a longer period of time.

After heating, the storage bodies gradually release heat into the room, even if the heating source is no longer active. This process ensures long-lasting heating and uniform distribution of heat in the room. Heat from storage stoves is released gradually and continuously, which contributes to comfortable and stable heating.

Storage stoves are often used in combination with low-cost electricity tariffs. They use low-cost electricity at night to heat storage bodies and then release heat during the day. This will achieve efficient use of energy and save heating costs.

The advantages of storage stoves include long-lasting heating, uniform heat distribution, energy saving, easy maintenance and ecological character, as they do not require burning fuel.

However, it is necessary to take into account that storage stoves have a slower mode of heating and heat release, and therefore require heating planning and adaptation to the needs of the user.


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