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A switchboard is an electrical device or component that is used to distribute electrical energy in an electrical system. This electrical power distribution can be done in a variety of contexts, including industry, commercial buildings, homes, power, and more. Switchboards ensure that electrical current is properly distributed and controlled, which is crucial for the safe operation of electrical systems.


The main components of the substation may include:

Switches and circuit breakers: These components allow the control and disconnection of electrical current. Switches are used to turn current on or off in specific parts of the electrical network, while circuit breakers are designed to protect against overcurrent and short circuits.

Switchboards: Switchboards are used to branch electrical circuits into various devices and appliances. They can contain different outlets, cables and connectors that lead to different points in the electrical installation.

Transformers: Transformers are used to change the voltage of electrical energy, allowing power to be transferred over long distances and to adapt the voltage to the needs of different devices and areas.

Meters: Meters, such as ammeters and voltmeters, allow monitoring of current and voltage in the substation and ensure that the electrical system is working properly.

Protective elements: Protective elements such as surge protectors and relays are used to ensure that the electrical system is protected from damage due to excessive voltage, current or other anomalies.

Controls: Controls, such as push buttons and control panels, allow you to operate the electrical system and control various functions and circuits.

Switchboards can be of various sizes and complexities depending on specific requirements and applications. In large industrial installations, switchboards can be huge and complex, while in homes there may be smaller switchboards to control the electrical network inside the house. However, their main goal is always to ensure safe, reliable and proper transmission and distribution of electricity.

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