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A thermometer is a device used to measure temperature. In the field of heating, thermometers are used to monitor the temperature in various parts of the heating system, such as boilers, radiators, underfloor heating and the like.

Heating thermometers can take many forms and types, including:

1. Capillary system thermometer: This type of thermometer contains a glass capillary filled with a liquid thermometer medium that expands or contracts depending on the temperature. These thermometers often have a mechanical indicator or an electrical switch to signal the temperature.


2. Electronic thermometer: Electronic thermometers use sensors such as thermistors or thermoelectric tapes to measure temperature. These sensors generate an electrical signal, which is subsequently interpreted and displayed on the display.



3. Non-contact thermometer: This type of thermometer allows temperature measurement without physical contact with the measured object. It uses infrared radiation to record surface temperature. Non-contact thermometers are useful, for example, when measuring the temperature at a distance or when checking the temperature in different areas of the heating system.



Heating thermometers are used to monitor and regulate temperature to achieve a comfortable environment and ensure efficient operation of the heating system. With the help of thermometers, it is possible to monitor the temperature in various parts of the system and possibly make the necessary adjustments to the settings or control the heating process. 

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