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WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is a wireless local area network that enables wireless connection of devices to the network infrastructure. WLAN is commonly used to establish a wireless Internet connection in homes, offices, schools, public spaces, and other locations.

The functioning of WLAN is based on wireless communication standards, most often on the IEEE 802.11 family standards, which define the technical parameters and protocols for wireless communication. These standards determine how devices connect to the network infrastructure, exchange data between devices, and manage data traffic.

The basic component of a WLAN is a wireless router or access point (Access Point), which transmits and receives wireless signals. Devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and others that have an integrated wireless network card can connect to this access point and communicate with the network.

Connecting devices to the WLAN is done using authentication and authorization. The wireless router is usually protected by a password (WPA/WPA2), which must be entered when connecting the device to the network. This ensures that only authorized devices have access to the network and data.

The data itself is transmitted via radio waves between the access point and the connected devices. Data transfer speed depends on WLAN standard, frequency band and connection quality. The network infrastructure can be expanded using multiple access points, increasing network coverage and capacity.

WLAN provides flexibility and mobility as devices can be connected to the network without the need for a physical cable. However, it is important to ensure network security and proper network setup to minimize risks associated with unauthorized access and unwanted network traffic.

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