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Avansa 2007 TX

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Avansa 2007 TX - programmable weekly wireless thermostat

The Avansa 2007 TX wireless thermostat is suitable for controlling most boilers. The thermostat can be connected to any gas boiler that has a dual line room thermostat connection. The device can be connected to an air conditioner regardless of whether the device has an operating voltage of 24V or 230V. The device can be programmed according to your needs so that the heating (cooling) system starts at the time and temperature you require. In addition to ensuring comfort, it also helps to reduce energy costs. It is possible to set 6 different thermostat switch-on times (in increments of 10 minutes) for each day and with freely adjustable temperature (in increments of 0.5 °C) for each of the six switch-on times. The apparatus consists of two units. One portable control unit (thermostat) and one receiving unit, which is used to control the boiler. The connection between the thermostat and the receiver is provided by radio frequency waves, so there is no need to build wiring between the thermostat and the boiler. Both units are preset by the manufacturer to operate on the same frequency. The thermostat and receiver have their own security code. Therefore, unknown external radio frequency signals cannot interfere with the safe operation of the unit.

The relocatability of the thermostat has the following advantages:

  • No need to construct ductwork, which is especially advantageous when renovating old buildings,
  • optimal positioning of the thermostat can be selected during use,
  • the use of the thermostat is also suitable in cases where we want to use the device at different times of the day at different temperatures

The sensor built into the thermostat has a range of about 50 m in open air. This distance can be considerably shortened in a building, especially if iron structures or reinforced concrete walls come between the radio waves. The optional switching sensitivity is ± 0.2 °C (manufacturer's recommended basic setting for radiator heating) or +0/-0.2 °C (recommended setting for underfloor heating). These values refer to the temperature difference that occurs between the set temperature and the actual measured room temperature when the thermostat is switched on. In the case of a basic temperature setting by the manufacturer, e.g. 20 °C, the appliance will switch the boiler on when the temperature reaches 19,8 °C or lower, or switch the boiler off when the temperature reaches 20,2 °C or higher. The thermostat can also be extended with an Avansa TX socket if required, which can be used (without any installation) to control any electrical device with a 230V supply voltage (e.g. boiler, pump, heat emitter...). The thermostat is equipped with a pump protection function. This function serves to prevent the pump from clogging. The device switches on the boiler every day at 12.00 p.m. for one minute, if the boiler has not been switched on according to the schedule for more than 24 hours. If for any reason (e.g. power failure) the electricity supply to the receiver is interrupted, the boiler operation is also suspended.

Thermostat technical data:

  • Temperature measuring range:0 - 35 °C (in 0.1 °C increments)
  • Adjustable temperature measuring range: 7 - 35 °C (in 0.1 °C increments)
  • Temperature measurement accuracy:± 0.5 °C
  • Turn-on sensitivity (heating with radiator): ± 0.2 °C
  • On sensitivity (underfloor heating): +0/-0.2 °C
  • Recommended storage temperature:-10 °C.....+ 60 °C
  • Power supply voltage: 2 x 1.5V batteries (LR6; AA type)
  • Power output: 1.3 mW
  • Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 35 mm (without carrier)
  • Weight: 155 g
  • Thermal sensor type: NTC 10 K? ±1% at 25 °C
  • Coverage:IP 30

Receiver specifications:

  • Power:6W
  • Supply Voltage: 230V AC, 50 Hz
  • Power Supply Voltage: 24V AC/DC...250V AC
  • Adjustable amperage: 6 A(inductive load 2A)
  • Range: about 50 m
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Total weight of the device: about 500 g
  • (thermostat+receiver+holder)

Example circulator wiring:

Additional parameters

Category: wireless thermostats
Warranty: 2 roky
Weight: 0.45 kg
Prevedenie termostatu: bezdrôtový
Napájanie: z batérie
Programovanie: týždenný program
EAN: 5949040800131
Rozmer balenia (mm): 65/240/150

Video Avansa 2007 TX

Video Avansa 2007 TX

Video Avansa 2007 TX

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