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A radiator is a body that serves to transfer heat from one medium to another for cooling or heating.

The radiator is used for heating rooms and spaces. It is made of materials that conduct heat well. They are designed in such a way that, if possible, they have as large an area as possible in order to transfer as much thermal energy as possible.

Heating regulation
The heating of radiators is usually regulated by a valve. On older radiators, the valve was used to passively reduce the flow of the heating medium. When the valve was closed, the circulation of the heating medium through the radiator slowed down and less heat was transferred to the room.

Modern radiators often use thermostatic valves. On the thermostatic valve, instead of the flow, the desired temperature in the room is set, and the valve automatically regulates the flow of the heating medium through the radiator using a piston. A thermostatic valve can save 5% to 30% of heating costs.



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