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A heating cable

A heating cable, also known as a heating cable, is an electrical cable designed to heat or defrost surfaces, especially in areas where ice, frost or snow accumulation may occur. These cables are used to maintain temperature in certain places such as stressed roofs, walkways, stairs, pipes and other surfaces where it is necessary to prevent the formation of ice and snow frost.


  1. Functioning of the heating cable:

    Heating: Heating cables are equipped with electric resistance heating elements, which are usually made of nickel-iron (Ni-Fe) or other materials with high electrical resistance. When the cable is connected to an electrical source, the heating elements begin to heat up.

    Heat dissipation: The temperature of the heating elements is transferred to the surface on which the cable is installed. The heat spreads along the cable and raises the surface temperature above freezing, preventing the formation of ice or snow. This allows surfaces to be kept dry and safe in winter conditions.

    Thermostats and regulation: Many heating cables are equipped with thermostats or temperature regulators that allow you to set the desired temperature for the heated surface. These controllers can be time, temperature or sensor, which allows efficient use of energy.

    Use of heating cables:

    Roof de-icing: In areas with heavy snowfall, heating cables are installed on stressed roofs to prevent the formation of snow pools on the roof and prevent damage to the roof sheathing.

    De-icing of sidewalks and stairs: Heating cables are often installed under the surfaces of sidewalks and stairs to prevent ice from forming and increase pedestrian safety.

    Pipeline De-icing: For pipes that are exposed to extreme frost, heating cables are installed on the pipe to prevent the water in the pipe from freezing.

    De-icing the ground cover of vehicles: In some cases, heating cables are installed under the vehicles to prevent the formation of icy patches under the vehicles.

    Heating cables are a useful tool for ensuring safety and preventing damage associated with the formation of ice and snow on various surfaces and in various applications, especially in cold and snowy environments.

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