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heating elements

Heaters are devices intended for heating and dispersing heat in the interior in order to ensure a comfortable temperature and room heating. These bodies are part of heating systems and can be used in homes, offices, commercial premises and other buildings.

There are several different types of heaters, some of which are:

Radiators: Radiators are the most common type of heating element. They are made of metal (such as cast iron or aluminum) and have a square shape with many ribs or surfaces to increase the surface area and radiate heat efficiently. The radiators are supplied with hot water from the heating system.

Convectors: Convectors are devices that heat air by circulation. Inside the convector is a heat exchanger that heats the air, which then rises up and creates a stream of warm air in the room. Convectors are often installed under windows to balance the cold air flow.

Underfloor heating: Underfloor heating is a heating system where heat is supplied through a heat exchanger placed in the floor. This system creates uniform heating throughout the room and provides pleasant warmth from above.

Infrared panel heating: Infrared panel heating is a modern heating method that uses infrared radiation to heat surfaces. These panels are placed on walls or ceilings and create heat rays that heat objects and people in the room.

Heating with hot air fans: Hot air fans are portable devices that heat the air and circulate it around the room. These fans often use an electric heater to heat the air, which is then blown into the room by the fan.

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