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A thermostatic insert

A thermostatic insert is a component used in radiator heating systems to regulate the temperature in a room. This insert is installed in the radiator and enables automatic adjustment of the temperature radiated from the radiator into the room. Its main function is to maintain a constant temperature in the room according to the default setting.

The principle of operation of the thermostatic insert consists in the fact that it contains a thermostatic element, often based on an expansion or contraction medium, which changes its volume depending on the temperature. When the desired temperature is reached in the room, the thermostatic insert closes the supply of hot water to the radiator, thereby preventing excessive heating of the room. Conversely, when the temperature drops below a set level, the insert opens the hot water supply to raise the temperature again.

Thermostatic inserts contribute to energy savings and comfort, as they enable effective temperature regulation in individual rooms depending on current needs. They are suitable for rooms with different temperature requirements and enable precise control over heating.

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