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A transformer

A transformer is an electrotechnical device that serves to decrease or increase the alternating voltage between two windings using electromagnetic induction. Its basic principle is the transfer of electrical energy from one circuit to another through a magnetic field. Transformers are widely used in electrical systems for voltage distribution, transmission and regulation.


Operation of the transformer:

A transformer consists of two windings, primary and secondary, which are wound on a common iron core.
The primary winding is connected to an alternating voltage source (for example, an electrical network), which creates a changing magnetic flux in the iron core.
This changing magnetic flux induces in the secondary winding which is connected to the appliance or load.
Using the transformation ratio between the number of turns in the primary and secondary windings, it is possible to regulate the voltage change. If the number of turns in the secondary winding is greater than in the primary, the output voltage will be greater than the input, and vice versa.
Use of transformers:

Electricity distribution and transmission: Transformers are used to step down the voltage in the transmission of electricity from production facilities to homes and industrial plants.
Voltage regulation: Transformers are used to stabilize and regulate voltage in various parts of electrical systems.
Current Transformation: Transformers are used to step up or step down current, which is useful for power transfer in various applications.
Electronics: Transformers are used in various electronic devices to isolate, transmit or convert signals.
Types of transformers:

Distribution transformers: They are used to transfer electrical energy from production facilities to the distribution network.
Regulating transformers: Used to stabilize the voltage and ensure a consistent voltage level.
Autotransformer: Is a transformer where the primary and secondary windings are connected, which allows variable voltage transformation.
Suppressor transformer: It serves to suppress discharges and ensure reliable operation of electrical equipment.
Tape Transformer: Used in high voltage and power applications such as electrical appliances.
Transformers are widely used in several industries and are key devices in electrical systems and technologies.


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