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Wrench (tool)

We recognize several types of keys based on their construction. The basic division is into outer and inner n-edges. Some keys consist of several interchangeable parts - they use a basic lever and a socket head of the appropriate size. Additional accessories are often supplied with the heads (extension rods, joints, flexible extensions, ratchets...). 12 mm Gola is most often used.

A wrench is a tool primarily designed for tightening and loosening (screwing) screws and nuts. The basic principle of any wrench is a lever (force concentrator). The shape of the key purposefully depends on the shape of the screw head (nut...).

The basic shape used in technical practice is the hexagon (hexagonal screw and nut) internal and external. Triangular, quadrilateral, octagonal (star) and dodecagonal (asterisk) are used less often.


Allen wrench (n-hex)
fork wrench - side
Open-end wrench - straight
ring spanner - closed
socket wrench extended.kľúč očkový

  • open-end wrench – a combination of open-ended and open-end wrench
kľúč očkoplochý
  • socket wrench (Gola) - popular (Walnut)
kľúč gola - hlavica
  • pipe wrench
kľúč rúrkový

For internal hexagon (n-edge)


bits for the inner n-edge
bow tie
eccentric triangle
hexagon hexagon, hollow hexagon
star 6-point (torx), 12-point, hollow torxNastaviteľné kľúče a univerzálne kľúče

  • french key
kľúč nastaviteľný
  • referred to as a spanner, but it is not a spanner
kľúč nastaviteľný
  • pipe wrench

Special keys[
Throughout history, a vast number of purpose-built keys have been created for a variety of uses.

spoke spanner (bike)

kľúč na špice
  • derailleur key (bicycle)
    center hub wrench (bicycle)
kľúč na stred
  • tap wrench
kľúč pre uchytenie závitníkov
  • barrel wrench
    wheel wrench (cross)
    wrenches with torque measurement
kľúč s nastaviteľným momentom
    pipe wrench clef (piano) oil filter wrench spark plug wrench (car) fire hydrant key rail spanner scythe wrench
kľúč na upevnenie kosy do kosiska
impact wrench
kľúč príklepový ručný

    electrician's flat key
kľúč izolovaný do 1000V
  • flat nut wrench
kľúč na ploché matice
  • two-handed T wrench
kľúč T obojručný na golu
  • impact wrench
kľúč úderový

and many others ...

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