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absorption surface

The absorption surface on solar collectors is the part of the collector surface that is responsible for absorbing solar radiation and converting it into heat. This surface is usually made of a material with high absorption capacity for solar radiation and low reflectivity.


The absorption surface is located on the inner surface of the solar collector and is in direct contact with the heat transfer medium, which transfers the heat from the absorption surface to the water heating or heating system.

Important features of the absorption surface:

Absorption ability: The material used for the absorption surface should have a high ability to absorb solar radiation. This makes it possible to convert light energy into heat as efficiently as possible.

Minimal reflective properties: The absorptive surface should minimize reflection of solar radiation to maximize absorption.

Rapid conversion of light radiation into heat: The material should be able to quickly heat up and transfer heat to the heat-carrying medium.

The absorption surface is one of the key factors influencing the efficiency of the solar collector. Its correct selection and maintenance are important to ensure optimal operation and efficiency of the solar system.

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