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An aerator is a small attachment placed at the end of the outlet opening of a water fitting, such as sink faucets, shower heads or faucets. Its main function is to mix the stream of water with air and thus create the so-called "pearl" effect. This effect has several advantages:


Water saving: The aerator reduces the water flow by adding air to the flow, which reduces water consumption while maintaining the same intensity and pressure feeling.

Water softening: An aerator can help soften water by mixing it with air, which can be more comfortable for users and prevent water from flowing too forcefully.

Reduced water runoff: The aerator reduces water shock pressure, which reduces water runoff and allows for more efficient use.

Prevention of clogging: The aerator can capture larger particles of dirt and possible deposits, which helps prevent clogging of water pipes and improves the durability of the fitting.

Aerators are available in different sizes and shapes of holes, which affects the intensity and nature of the water stream. Their assembly and disassembly are simple, which allows them to be easily replaced, cleaned or adjusted as needed. Their use is common in water installations in homes, public buildings and commercial premises.





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