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Flow is a physical quantity that describes the amount of matter, energy or information that passes through a specified area or space per unit of time. It can refer to various phenomena and systems, such as the flow of liquids, gas, electricity or data.

In the case of the flow of liquids and gases, the flow rate is usually measured in units of volume or mass of the passing substance per unit of time. The flow of liquids and gases can be expressed as volume flow (m³/s, l/min) or mass flow (kg/s, g/s).

The unit Ampere (A) is used for electrical flow and expresses the amount of electrical energy that flows through a given circuit per unit of time. Electric flow is related to the movement of charged particles through a conductor.

Information flow refers to the transfer of data or signals and expresses the rate of information transfer per unit of time. In this case, units such as bit/s (bit per second) or baud (symbols per second) are used.

The definition of flow depends on the specific context and application, but basically refers to the transfer of a quantity of something through a specified space or area per unit of time.

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