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Alpex is a trade mark used to denote a system for hot and cold water distribution, heating and underfloor heating in buildings. The Alpex system is known for its reliability, durability and easy installation, which makes it popular in several areas of construction.

The main material from which this system is made is a plastic tube with a high density polyethylene connection (PEX). This tube has excellent thermal and mechanical properties that guarantee a long service life and minimal heat loss when transporting hot water. Plastic tubes reliably resist corrosion and corrosion, which guarantees clean and hygienic water.

The Alpex system uses a compression coupling system that is easy to install and does not require special tools or welding processes. These couplings ensure a tight and secure connection of the tubes and allow their easy disassembly and re-installation.

Use of the Alpex system:

Hot and cold water pipes: The Alpex system is often used to install hot and cold water pipes in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Heating: Alpex is also used when installing a heating system. Plastic tubes are resistant to corrosion and have high thermal conductivity, which guarantees efficient and reliable room heating.

Underfloor heating: The Alpex system is also suitable for underfloor heating, where warm water passes through tubes laid under the floor, thus ensuring uniform and pleasant heating of the room.

The main advantages of the Alpex system include easy installation, light weight and corrosion resistance. The system is suitable for different types of buildings and provides a reliable and economical solution for distribution of hot and cold water, heating and underfloor heating.

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