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An ashtray is an integrated or additional device, or an accessory for boilers, which is used to capture and collect ash and soot, which are produced during the combustion of fuel in the boiler. It is a container that is placed near or under the boiler and is used to collect waste products of combustion, such as ash, soot and dirt.

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The ashtray is usually made of a durable material, such as steel or cast iron, to be able to withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress. It has a closed construction with a lid or door that allows access for ash emptying and cleaning.

During the combustion of fuel in the boiler, ash and soot are formed. These impurities are captured in the ashtray and are gradually collected. Regular emptying of the ashtray is necessary to maintain an optimal combustion process and prevent overfilling and blocking of the boiler.

Ashtrays have different sizes and capacities, which are adapted to the size and performance of the boiler. Their construction and location depend on the specific type of boiler and its installation.

Proper maintenance of the ashtray is important for the efficient functioning of the boiler and the minimization of the negative impact on the environment. Ashtray emptying should be done regularly and ash and soot properly removed and disposed of in accordance with local environmental regulations.

The ashtray on the boiler is part of the boiler system, which ensures the capture and proper removal of combustion waste products, thereby contributing to a cleaner and more efficient combustion process.

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