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A container can be:

generally: a bounded space, container, tank for storing supplies or information
a notebook or book in which there are records of stock status, e.g. stockpile of goods
in computer science:
stack memory (English stack), see stack (data structure)
stack memory where only the last stored element can be read (cellar), see stack (data structure)
push-down list, see push-down list
wrong: cache
in the printer and the like:
print cartridge
toner cartridge
paper feed tray
a device for storing information media, which usually has a feed mechanism introducing the media to the input of the relevant action member, e.g. memory tray (CDs and the like), punch card tray, magnetic tape tray
in the construction industry: devices for storage and continuous or cyclic removal of bulk materials or concrete mixture on construction site, see storage (construction)
in agriculture:
part of a machine/equipment for accumulating harvested crop material or, conversely, for transporting material (e.g. manure) which is then applied, see hopper (agriculture)
a granary (especially a large one in a port or factory); force
in philately: a book containing stiff sheets with strips for inserting postage stamps and similar philatelic objects
in gunsmithing: a device in some weapons used to store and feed cartridges into the magazine, synonym: cartridge magazine, see magazine (bullets)
in some connections: accumulator, e.g.:
charge accumulator (= charge storage; e.g. electric accumulator, capacitor, battery, etc.)
energy accumulator (= energy store)
heat accumulator (= heat storage, heat reservoir)
cold accumulator (= cold storage)
ice accumulator (= ice storage)


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