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AZUD is a leading global manufacturer and provider of technologies for water treatment, irrigation and filtration systems. It is known for its innovative solutions for agriculture, horticulture, industry and municipal use.

History: AZUD was founded in 1989 in Spain. Since its establishment, it has gradually become one of the leading providers of solutions for water treatment and processing. Its many years of experience and commitment to innovation and quality have won the trust of customers around the world.

Products and solutions: AZUD specializes in various areas such as:

Irrigation Systems: Development and manufacture of superior irrigation systems including drip irrigation systems, jet irrigation systems and other methods of efficient water distribution for agriculture, horticulture and landscape design.

Filter and cleaning systems: AZUD offers a wide selection of filter systems of various sizes and types. Their products include sediment filters, microfiltration, ultrafiltration and other technologies that ensure water quality for a variety of applications.

Water Treatment: The company specializes in water treatment for a variety of purposes including drinking water, industrial processes and other applications.

Innovation and quality: AZUD is known for its commitment to innovation and the quality of its products. It is still investing in research and development of new technologies and different methods of water treatment. Their products often use advanced filter media and materials to achieve optimal filtration efficiency.

Presence on the world market: AZUD has a presence all over the world through a network of branches, distributors and partners. Its technological solutions are used in many countries and various industries.

Conclusion: AZUD is a reliable leader in the field of water treatment, filtration systems and irrigation solutions. Their focus on innovation, quality and global presence make them a major player in the field of sustainable water treatment and use.


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