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Bergen is a major player in the energy industry and operates in many industries including oil, gas, petrochemical and heating. It is known for developing and manufacturing high-quality products and providing comprehensive solutions to customers around the world.

The history of the Bergen company dates back to 1960, when it was founded as a family business. Since then, it has grown and developed into a global company with a worldwide presence. Its headquarters are located in Europe, but its activities extend to different continents.

Bergen is known for its product lines and solutions in the field of heating. It manufactures and supplies a wide range of heating systems and boilers that are designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability. Their products are equipped with advanced technologies that enable efficient heating and water heating while minimizing pollutant emissions.

In addition to the production of boilers, the Bergen company also provides a wide range of other products and services. These include, for example, various components for heating systems, regulation and control, fuel cells, heat pumps and solar systems. These products and services are intended for various sectors, including residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Bergen is based on its research and development and therefore invests in new technologies and innovations. It works with renowned institutions and experts to bring advanced solutions to its customers. Their goal is to provide sustainable and efficient solutions in the field of heating, which contribute to the protection of the environment and the reduction of energy consumption.

The Bergen company is considered a reliable partner in the field of heating and energy. Its high quality products, professional approach and commitment to innovation make it the preferred choice for many customers around the world.

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