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Energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency is the ratio between the output of power, service, goods or energy and the energy input

    energy efficiency improvement is an increase in energy efficiency due to technological changes, behavioral changes and/or economic changes.

    The Energy Efficiency Directive establishes a common framework of measures to promote energy efficiency in the Union with the aim of ensuring that the 20% EU headline energy efficiency target is reached by 2020 and to create the conditions for further improvements in energy efficiency after that year.


    Goals in the field of energy efficiency

    Each member state should establish the so-called indicative national goal of energy efficiency. When setting these targets, Member States shall take into account in particular the fact that the Union's energy consumption in 2020 may not exceed 1474 Mtoe of primary energy consumption and 1078 Mtoe of final energy consumption.

    Energy audit

    According to the Energy Efficiency Directive, an energy audit is a systematic procedure for the purpose of obtaining sufficient information about the current energy consumption profile of a building or group of buildings, an industrial or commercial operation or facility or private or public services, and to identify and quantify cost-effective

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