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The "Big Blue" brand is associated with water filtration systems, especially with special filters with a larger body diameter. These filters are known for their ability to trap more dirt and particles in the water compared to standard filters.


Large body diameter: A characteristic feature of "Big Blue" filters is their larger body diameter. This extra large design allows for larger filtration volumes and capture of more dirt.

Different degrees of filtration efficiency: "Big Blue" filters are available in different degrees of filtration efficiency, which means that you can choose the filter that best suits the water purification needs of a given environment.

Multiple Filter Media: Some models of "Big Blue" filters may contain multiple filter media capable of capturing a variety of contaminants, including sediment, sand, chlorine, and other chemicals.

Diverse Applications: "Big Blue" filters are often used in a variety of applications, including domestic drinking water treatment, commercial and industrial filtration systems, swimming pools and other water applications.

Easy maintenance: Due to the larger diameter of the body, "Big Blue" filters usually have larger filter surfaces, which can mean a longer filter life before it needs to be replaced or cleaned.

Upgrades and Add-ons: Current models of "Big Blue" filters can be equipped with various innovations and add-ons, such as automated control systems, filter status indicators and other features.

The "Big Blue" brand is a respected player in the water filtration system market and is known for its reliability and ability to provide high quality filtered water for a variety of purposes.

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