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Circulating pumps

Circulating pumps are devices used in heating, cooling and hot water systems to move fluid from one place to another. Their main task is to ensure a smooth and constant flow of hot or cold water through the system to maintain the desired temperature.


They work by drawing fluid from one part of the system and moving it to another, where the temperature is expertly adjusted. In circulation systems, the pump can be located either in the main circulation pipe or at the top or bottom end of radiators or water heaters.

Circulating pumps come in different sizes and capacities to suit the requirements of different applications. They are commonly used in homes, industry, buildings, solar systems and other heating and cooling systems.

In some cases, circulators can operate at a constant speed, while in other cases they can be equipped with speed control, allowing them to adapt to changing conditions and system needs. In this way, energy consumption is reduced and system efficiency is improved. Circulating pumps are an important part of modern heating and cooling systems, which ensure convenient and economical use of thermal energy.

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