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cooling loop

The cooling loop in boilers and boiler systems is a component that serves to cool the heat transfer fluid in the system. It is a heat exchanger that allows you to remove heat from the system and maintain the temperature at the required level.


The cooling loop is usually located on the outlet side of the boiler or in the water circulation of the system. A heat transfer fluid, such as water or another type of cooling medium, flows through the cooling loop where heat is exchanged with the environment. This means that the heat is transferred from the heat transfer fluid to the surrounding air, water or other environment, thus the cooling process takes place.

Cooling loops can take many forms and designs, including radiators, heat surfaces, coils, and other heat exchangers. Their purpose is to ensure sufficient cooling of the heat-carrying liquid and to maintain it at the correct temperature. This is important for the efficient functioning of the boiler and the entire boiler system to prevent overheating and ensure optimal operating conditions.

Cooling loops can also be part of the boiler's regulation system, which adjusts the flow of the heat-carrying liquid and ensures proper cooling depending on the operating conditions. Their size, shape and performance depend on the specific boiler system and its design, and can be adapted to the specific requirements and needs of the cooling process.


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