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dielectric fitting

A dielectric fitting is a component used in piping systems to separate different material types to minimize the electrochemical reaction between them. These fittings are usually made of a dielectric material, which means they cannot conduct electricity. Their main role is to prevent corrosion that can occur due to contact between different metals or materials in piping systems.


Dielectric fittings can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic, non-metallic compounds and other insulating materials. They are used to separate metal components of piping systems, such as pipes and valves, which can be made of various metals such as copper, steel, iron and alloys.

Advantages of using dielectric fittings include:

Corrosion Protection: Dielectric fittings prevent galvanic corrosion by minimizing contact between dissimilar metals and materials.

Extending the life of piping systems: By minimizing corrosion and damage to metal components, dielectric fittings can help extend the life of piping systems.

Improved efficiency: As a result of reduced corrosion, fluid flow is maintained and fouling and deposits are minimized.

Dielectric fittings are often used in piping systems for drinking water, heating, cooling, building installations and other applications where it is important to prevent corrosion and electrochemical reactions between different materials.



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