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EMC Directive

The EMC Directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility) is a legislative standard of the European Union that sets requirements for the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic equipment. The aim of this directive is to ensure that the various electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market in the EU are designed and manufactured in such a way that there is no unwanted electromagnetic interference between the equipment and that it does not create electromagnetic interference that affects other equipment or public networks .

Some key points regarding the EMC Directive include:

Determination of electromagnetic radiation limits: The EMC Directive sets limit values for electromagnetic radiation from various electrical and electronic equipment. These limits ensure that the devices do not create excessive electromagnetic interference that could affect other devices or communications networks.

Requirements for resistance to electromagnetic interference: The EMC Directive also sets requirements for the resistance of electrical and electronic equipment to external electromagnetic interference. This means that these devices must be able to function properly even in an environment with high electromagnetic interference.

Marking and certification: Manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment must mark equipment that meets the requirements of the EMC directive with the CE symbol (Conformité Européenne). This symbol indicates that the device complies with EU requirements regarding electromagnetic interference and compatibility.

Testing and Conformity Assessment: Manufacturers must undergo testing and assessment of their products to verify that they meet the requirements of the EMC Directive. These tests can be performed in laboratories that are accredited to perform such measurements.

The EMC Directive is an important part of the regulation of electromagnetic emissions and compatibility in the EU. Its aim is to ensure that electrical and electronic devices on the European market are safe and do not have a negative impact on other devices or communication networks. It is important for manufacturers and importers of electronic equipment into the EU to comply with the requirements of this directive and obtain the relevant certificates and CE markings.

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