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EMOS in the world
Up to 400 million end consumers have convinced themselves of the quality of EMOS products.


EMOS spol. with r. about. together with its sister companies in Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary, supplies its products through a network of distributors to 26 European countries to more than 400 mil. final consumers. In 2020, the consolidated turnover of the EMOS holding exceeded 2.3 billion. CZK.


Shards from history
The history of the EMOS holding began in 1991 in Přerov, a small industrial town located in the Czech Republic. During the 30 years of our existence, we have undergone dynamic development.


The parent company of EMOS holding is EMOS CZ Group a.s., which owns 100% shares in EMOS spol. with r. o., EMOS Depo CZ s.r.o., EMOS SK s.r.o., EMOS PL SP Z O.O., EMOS HU Kft. and EMOS SI, D.O.O. The creation of the EMOS holding enables more efficient management of business policy across the group, centralization of logistics processes, use of the synergy of a unified, central purchase and allows to benefit from the capital and economic strength of the EMOS group.

The branch in Slovakia was founded in 1993 as a limited liability company under the name EMOS – elektro s.r.o. Since the beginning of 2007, the company EMOS SK, s.r.o. direct importer of GP Batteries batteries and chargers on the Slovak market. The branch has a total of 47 employees. The company EMOS SK has built a permanent place on the market and has become one of the largest suppliers of electrical accessories in the Slovak Republic.



Optimal price and quality of our products
How do we achieve it? In our offer you will find products developed by a team of specialists and product managers of EMOS together with the world's leading manufacturers in the field.


In this way, we create an assortment that contains unique products that exactly meet the price, quality, utility, aesthetic and legislative requirements imposed on them by the individual markets to which they are supplied under the EMOS brand.

Thanks to strict quality requirements, we provide a guarantee of up to 5 years on selected assortment lines.


Thousands of quality tests
Part of the development of each product is precise testing and laboratory research.


Each of our products is subject to strict quality control by a team of inspection staff directly at the manufacturer and subsequently in our own laboratory. We perform almost 1,100 tests per year, supervised by 25 specialists.

The laboratory equipment is adapted to the portfolio of products that we supply to the market.

One of the key devices is the integrating sphere, which is used to measure the parameters of light sources. Another important device is the goniophotometer, which is used to measure the radiation characteristics of lamps.

The laboratory is further equipped with thermal cameras, a computer-controlled light bench for testing the life of light sources, a device for the glow loop test, battery testers, accumulators and other top equipment.

Thanks to testing, we stand by the values we state on the packaging and guarantee the integrity and safety of each product.


We protect nature
We are looking for an optimal way to meet the growing demands for sustainable development and at the same time protect the goods during handling and transportation.


We have our own design center with a qualified team of graphic designers who carefully follow the latest packaging trends when designing and developing packaging.

We emphasize the use of recyclable packaging materials and reducing the volume of used packaging material.


Availability of goods and advanced logistics
We help you save costs and do not force you to create large stockpiles of electrical products. One of the pillars of our long-term strategy is ensuring excellent stock availability of our assortment and express transport to the destination. We make sure that you receive your goods on time and according to the agreement you made with us at the time of purchase.


High degree of automation
In 2017, we made an investment of more than 300 million. CZK, which enabled the automation of warehouse operations and the prompt delivery of goods in a very short time.


In our warehouses you will find more than 2 km of roller tracks, we use fully automated KARDEX shelving systems for small assortments and other modern technologies, e.g. RFID codes.


Express logistics
You can usually get the goods from us within 48 hours of ordering.


We send most shipments on the same day, or at the latest, the next working day after ordering. We use renowned global carriers (DPD, DHL, Fedex, GLS, UPS, Geis, GW, etc.) to transport shipments.

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