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EPDM is short for ethylene-propylene-diene rubber, which is a special type of synthetic rubber. It is an elastomer that has excellent properties and is widely used in various sectors of industry and manufacturing.

EPDM rubber has several advantages that make it a popular material for various applications:

Weather resistance: EPDM is highly resistant to UV radiation, ozone and weathering, making it an excellent material for outdoor applications such as gaskets and sealing strips.

Resistance to heat and chemicals: EPDM rubber has good resistance to high temperatures and chemicals, including acids and alkalis.

Low water absorption: EPDM rubber is hydrophobic, which means it has a low tendency to absorb water. This makes it a suitable material for gaskets and sealing strips that must be resistant to moisture.

Good elasticity: EPDM rubber is elastic and has the ability to return to its original form after deformation. This makes it a suitable material for various types of seals and flexible joints.

Thanks to these properties, EPDM rubber is used in many industries such as automotive (gaskets, sealing strips, hoses), construction (window and door seals, roofs), appliance manufacturing (sealing elements) and many other applications where durability is required against weather conditions, chemicals and heat.

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