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expansion valve

The expansion valve is an important part of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, which is used to regulate the flow of refrigerant and its pressure in the refrigeration circuit. Its main purpose is to ensure that the refrigerant passing through the cooler changes its state from liquid to gas and ensure optimal system efficiency.


The expansion valve works as follows:

Refrigerant pressure reduction: In the compressor of the cooling system, the refrigerant is compressed and its pressure increases. The expansion valve is located between the compressor and the cooler and its job is to reduce the pressure of the refrigerant before it enters the cooler. This allows the refrigerant to expand and cool.

Refrigerant Expansion: As the refrigerant passes through the expansion valve, its pressure is greatly reduced. Thanks to this, the coolant expands and changes its state from liquid to gas. This process causes a significant cooling of the refrigerant, which is then able to effectively remove heat from the internal environment, thereby creating coldness.

Coolant supply regulation: The expansion valve has the ability to regulate the flow of coolant to the cooler. This achieves optimal cooling and system efficiency. Depending on the current conditions and cooling requirements, the expansion valve can change the size of the opening through which the refrigerant passes.

Expansion valves are used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, as well as in some industrial processes where it is necessary to regulate the temperature. A correctly adjusted expansion valve ensures that the refrigerant expands correctly and ensures efficient heat exchange, which contributes to the cooling or air conditioning of the environment.

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