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Fancoil is short for "fan coil unit" (fan unit with radiator), which is a device used for heating, cooling and ventilating air in buildings. It is an important component in air-conditioning and air-conditioning systems, which makes it possible to regulate the temperature and air quality in different rooms. A fan coil is often installed under windows or on the walls of rooms to be heated or cooled.


How Fancoil works:

Fancoil is composed of several basic parts:

Fan: Fancoil contains a fan which is responsible for air circulation. This fan draws air from the room through filters and pushes it through a cooler or heater, depending on whether the system is used for cooling or heating.

Cooler/Heater: This is the component that passes the air from the fan and is used to regulate the temperature. The cooler is used to cool the air while the heater raises its temperature.

Control elements: A fancoil can contain control elements such as thermostats or automation systems that allow you to set the desired temperature and control the operation of the unit.

Types of Fancoil:

There are several types of fan coil units that differ in their functions and applications:

Water Fancoil Units: These units are connected to a heat source such as boilers or heat pumps. Water circulates through a cooler or heater to regulate air temperature.

Electric Fancoil Units: These units contain an electric heater that increases the temperature of the air. They are often used where no other heat source is available.

Horizontal and Vertical Fancoil Units: Horizontal units are installed on walls, usually under windows, while vertical units can be placed through floor or ceiling openings.

Compact Fancoil Units: These units include a fan, cooler and heater in one compact device. They are suitable for smaller rooms or where there is not enough space for separate components.

Fan coil units are used in a variety of building types, from apartment buildings to commercial and industrial facilities. Their main task is to ensure a comfortable and regulated air temperature in the interiors and to contribute to the overall comfort and quality of the indoor environment.

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