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Mass is a physical property of a substance or object that expresses the amount of matter contained in a given object. It is a measure of the substance's resistance to changes in motion and is dependent on the gravitational pull.

Mass is a scalar quantity and is given in units of weight such as grams, kilograms, pounds, tons, and the like. Within the International System of Units (SI), the unit of mass is the kilogram (kg).

Mass is an influential factor in many fields, including physics, engineering, materials science, and business. In physics, mass is a fundamental quantity that is part of many physical relationships and laws, such as Newton's laws of motion.

It is important to distinguish between weight and mass. Mass is an intrinsic property of matter, while mass is the amount of matter contained in an object. Mass may change, for example with changes in temperature or state of matter, but mass remains constant.

Weight is measured using scales, which can be mechanical, electronic or other types. Weight measurement is an important process in many industries, from laboratories and research to industrial production and business transactions.


Net, gross and tare weight refer to different aspects of the weight of an object or goods. Here is an explanation and formulas to calculate the individual values:

Net weight: Net weight is the actual weight of the object or goods without packaging and admixtures. It is the difference between the gross weight and the tare weight. The formula for calculating the net weight is: Net weight = Gross weight - Tare weight

Gross weight: Gross weight is the total weight of the object or goods, including all associated admixtures, packaging and other components. The formula for calculating the gross weight is: Gross weight = Net weight + Tare weight

Tare weight: Tare weight is the weight of packaging or admixtures that are part of the overall object or goods. It can be, for example, the weight of the packaging material, container or other components that are not part of the goods themselves. The formula for calculating tare weight is: Tare weight = Gross weight - Net weight

These formulas are used to calculate individual weight values, while the net weight refers to the goods themselves, the gross weight also includes admixtures and packaging, and the tare weight represents the weight of the packaging material or additional components.

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