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Heat resistance

Heat resistance is the ability of a material to withstand high temperatures and to protect against direct exposure to fire, hot gases and radiation. Materials that have high heat resistance are designed to maintain their structural, insulating or protective properties even at high temperatures.

Refractory materials are used in many industries, including industry, construction, energy and environmental protection. They can be used to produce heat-resistant linings, insulating materials, protective jackets or other components that are exposed to extreme temperatures.

When choosing refractory materials, their thermal properties are taken into account, such as thermal stability, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion and the ability to withstand temperature cycles. Materials with high heat resistance must be able to maintain their structure, strength and functionality even under extreme conditions.

Examples of refractory materials include ceramic materials such as refractory brick, refractory fiber, refractory concrete, and refractory glass. Other refractory materials include metals such as stainless steel with high oxidation resistance and some polymers that are specially designed for high temperatures.


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