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Oxidation is a chemical reaction in which electrons are transferred from one chemical element to another. The element that is oxidized loses electrons, while the other element that is reduced gains electrons. Oxidation can occur in a variety of ways, including reactions with oxygen, reactions with compounds such as oxides, or reactions with other chemicals.


Use of oxidation:

Energy production: Oxidation is a fundamental process in the metabolism of living organisms, where it serves to release energy from organic compounds such as glucose during respiration. This process produces ATP, which serves as the basic energy supply for cells.

Protection against infection: The immune system uses oxidative reactions to neutralize and destroy foreign microorganisms and toxins that enter the body.

Oxidation of pollutants: Oxidation is also used in the cleaning and removal of environmental pollution. For example, when cleaning wastewater or disposing of hazardous chemical waste.

Corrosion: Oxidation of metals, especially iron, leads to the formation of rust and corrosion, which is an undesirable effect.

Effects of oxidation:

Change in properties: Oxidation can cause a change in the properties of substances, such as color, taste, consistency or smell.

Oxidative aging: Oxidation is one factor that contributes to the aging of organisms and materials. Oxidative stresses can cause damage to cells and tissues, leading to aging and degenerative diseases.

Abundance in Air: Oxidation by oxygen is the reason why some substances, such as food, go bad and lose their freshness quickly in the air.

Causes fires: Oxidation is the basic process by which combustible materials burn. During fires, a rapid and intense reaction with oxygen takes place.

Oxidation is an important chemical process that affects many aspects of our everyday reality. It has an important impact on the environment, health, technology and industry and is essential for many biochemical processes of living organisms.

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