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impulse water meter

A pulse water meter is a type of water meter that is designed to measure water flow and generate pulse signals based on the volume of water flowing. These pulse signals can then be used to monitor water consumption or to control other devices or systems.

Impulzný vodomer do domácnosti na studenú vodu - SIMPLE 3/4"

How an impulse water meter works: An impulse water meter contains a sensor that detects the flow of water through it. This sensor generates a pulse signal every time a certain volume of water flows, for example one liter or one cubic meter. These pulses are then transmitted to a processing or monitoring device.

Impulse water meter use: Impulse water meters have a wide range of uses in various industries:

Domestic and Commercial Water Metering: Pulse water meters are often installed in homes and commercial buildings to monitor water usage. These pulses make it possible to monitor exactly how much water is consumed and thus help manage water costs more effectively.

Automated Irrigation Systems: In the garden and agricultural field, impulse water meters are used to measure the amount of water that is used for irrigation. This data can then be used to control irrigation systems.

Industrial Applications: Pulse water meters are also used in industrial environments to monitor water consumption for various purposes such as machine cooling, maintenance and other industrial processes.

Smart water networks: In modern smart water networks, impulse water meters can be used to create a real-time data record of water consumption, enabling efficient management and maintenance of distribution networks.

Environmental and energy monitoring: In some cases, impulse water meters are used to monitor water consumption in environmental or energy projects, as well as to monitor water use efficiency.

Overall, impulse water meters enable accurate monitoring of water consumption and provide important data for management, efficiency and savings purposes.


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