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Indication jump

Indication jump is a term used in the context of gauges and thermometers, especially when measuring temperature. It represents the difference between two values on the scale of the meter, which is used to indicate the change in temperature. This jump can be manifested by a rapid movement of the indicator scale or pointer on the measuring device.

When using a thermometer, an indication jump can occur when the temperature in the measured area reaches a certain value, based on which the position of the pointer on the scale changes. This jump allows easy and quick detection that the temperature has changed and reached a certain value, which can be useful for various applications, such as in laboratory, industrial or domestic environments.

Indication jumps may vary depending on the type and accuracy of the measuring device. In some cases, thermometers with clear and visible jumps are used, while other meters may have subtler and less obvious jumps, allowing for more accurate temperature measurements.

Overall, the indication jump helps users quickly identify and interpret temperature changes, which is important when checking and monitoring temperature conditions in various environments and applications.

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