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Karma is the largest manufacturer of convection gas stoves in the Czech Republic. It thus continues its tradition established in 1910. In June 2006, Karma purchased the German heating stove brand Gamat - a brand known as "wafky"

History and present
Karma is synonymous with gas appliances. The name of Karel Macháček, one of the most successful and well-known producers, is closely connected with the beginning of the gas industry in the territory of the Czech Republic. Karel Macháček was the first to mass-produce high-quality gas appliances almost 100 years ago. He gave them a brand consisting of the initial syllables of his first name and last name.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was no Czech manufacturer of gas appliances for households. These appliances were delivered to the Czech Republic by foreign companies - primarily Siemens and Junkers. While in Budapest and Vienna the use of gas appliances for cooking, hot water preparation and ironing was relatively widespread and the gas industry was on the rise, in Prague there was a decline in this area. It was primarily caused by the advent of electricity, which began to displace gas from street and apartment lighting. The use of gas was at a historical turning point, and the rebuilding of gas plants was only then considered.

In Prague, however, unprecedented construction activity was taking place in that well. Whole streets and blocks of new houses in the suburban villages on both banks of the Vltava grew like mushrooms after the rain, and the modern big Prague was born. In modern apartments, gas pipes began to be installed not for lighting, but for cooking and baking, for heating water and gradually for heating. These conditions were correctly captured and understood by a young enterprising man, who knew that Prague, which has half a million inhabitants, could not exist for long without a factory and repair shop for gas appliances. He therefore founded a factory in Vysočany in 1910, where he began to produce this range. That young man was none other than Karel Macháček.

Český Brod welcomes you
In an effort to break free from dependence on foreign subcontracted foundry castings, Karel Macháček built his own modern foundry based on the model of American automobile companies. When gas production was started in 1927 in the new gas plant in Michla with a large production capacity, there was already a new modern Macháček plant in České Brod. The latter was built by Macháček to meet the ever-increasing demand of gas consumers for new hotplates, irons and stoves with a tool room, pressing machines, a sandblaster and a drum, as well as its own enamel plant with two muffle furnaces. The factory in Libni continued to serve exclusively for the production and repair of water heating devices with output from 2 to 30 l/min. Here, the plant had its own test room, chrome room, nickel room and paint shop with modern spraying equipment.

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