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Lambda Pro

Lambda Pro is the designation for a combustion control system that is often used in modern heating systems. It is an intelligent system that monitors and optimizes the fuel combustion process in order to achieve high efficiency and minimize emissions.

The Lambda Pro system is based on measuring the amount of oxygen in the combustion chamber. The oxygen sensor placed by the manufacturer in the combustion chamber analyzes the composition of the combustion mixture and provides real-time information on the ratio of fuel and oxygen in the combustion air mixture.

Based on Lambda Pro measurements, the system regulates the amount of fuel and air supply to the combustion chamber to achieve optimal combustion conditions. The goal is to achieve ie lambda value close to 1, which means that the fuel is burned almost completely with a sufficient amount of oxygen. This maximizes combustion efficiency and minimizes the formation of harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The advantage of using the Lambda Pro system is the improvement of the energy efficiency of the heating system, the reduction of emissions of harmful substances into the air and the increase of the reliability and service life of the burner. The system also enables diagnosis and monitoring of the combustion status, which helps in better maintenance and servicing of the heating system.

Lambda Pro is one of many combustion control systems and its use contributes to high standards in the area of efficiency and environmental sustainability of the heating process.

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