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Polybutylene (abbreviated PB) is a thermoplastic polymer that is used to produce various products and materials in various industries. It is a polymer made from butylene monomers.


Polybutylene has several properties that make it suitable for various applications:

Low cost: Polybutylene is a relatively inexpensive material to manufacture, which makes it attractive for a variety of industrial applications.

Corrosion resistance: It is resistant to corrosion, which makes it a suitable material for pipes and tubes for transporting liquids.

Light weight and high strength: Polybutylene is a lightweight material with high strength, which makes it suitable for a variety of construction applications.

Chemical resistance: It is resistant to many chemicals, making it suitable for the chemical industry.

Low temperature resistance: Polybutylene is not as resistant to high temperatures as some other polymers, so it is mainly used in lower temperature applications.

Polybutylene is most often used for the production of tubes and pipes for water and heating systems (Pex-B), but it is also used in the automotive industry for the production of various plastic components, in electrical engineering and electronics for the insulation of wires, and in many other branches of industry for the production of various plastic products. It is important to note that there are different variants of polybutylene with different properties that may vary depending on specific applications.


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