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Sand filtration

Sand filtration serves to capture impurities contained in the water. They use natural principles for this. The pool water passes through a sand filter cartridge in which mechanical impurities are captured and clean water is returned to the pool. The filter unit should filter the entire volume of the pool in 6-8 hours. For heavily loaded pools or at high air temperatures, pee-filtering the water after 3-4 hours is recommended. Filtration consists of a sand filter with a pressure gauge, a pump with a coarse dirt trap and a control valve. A control valve (normally 4 to 6-way) that switches to filtration, backwashing, filter flushing, draining, shutoff, or circulation as needed when the pump is off. The maintenance requirements of sand filtration are minimal: the sand filling is washed as standard once a week (depending on the volume of the pool), the replacement of the sand filling is enough every 2 to 3 years. Sand filters are very effective and allow the connection of other accessories such as solar heater or pool vacuum cleaners.



It is a guarantee of crystal clear water. They work on the same principle as water is purified in nature. The water from the pool travels to the filtration, where it flows through silica sand, which captures all impurities. It returns to the pool clear and sparkling. Sand filters reduce the consumption of pool chemicals and are the "engine" for the operation of pool accessories. Our filtration has powerful pumps, coarse dirt trap, pressure gauge and 6-way valve for easy operation and cleaning of the filling.

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