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Systém ochrany ventilu VPF

The VPF (Vent Protector System) valve protection system is a safety system designed to protect valves in steam and liquid piping systems. This system serves to minimize damage to valves and piping in the event that vapor or liquid flow is interrupted or disrupted.

The main elements of the VPF valve protection system are specially installed valves and collection tanks. When the liquid or vapor flow is interrupted or reduced below a certain level, the valves close automatically to prevent damage to the system or equipment that is supplied with that liquid or vapor.

The VPF system can be installed in various industrial applications, including energy, petrochemical, heating plants, cold stores and other places where it is important to ensure reliable protection of valves and piping systems from damage caused by interruption of liquid or vapor flow.

These valve protection systems are often used as part of safety measures and ensure that the system is able to operate safely and efficiently during fluctuations or problems with the liquid or steam supply.

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