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The company TECH Controllers was founded in 2004. Since its inception, it has developed dynamically and in a short time has become a leader in the production of electronic equipment for heating, be it solid fuel or other energy sources. Currently, the total area of our company is more than 7,500 m², where several hundred employees work. Our specialized controls for various types of equipment are sold throughout Poland and in 19 other European countries.



A wide range of modern products
Our company produces controls for all types of heating equipment with a focus on maximum use of their potential. Thanks to precise zone heating, all rooms in the building have an ideal temperature for both health and well-being. Our offer includes regulations for:

Radiator heating
In-floor heating
Heating systems
Room regulations
Others (including regulation for renewable energy sources, fireplaces, boilers and special regulations)
All our controls for heating control are developed both visually and functionally with a focus on comfort and savings for the user. They include certificates of conformity with the European Directive, which confirm that the products meet the requirements of harmonized standards with the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.

Advanced solutions in the process of creating regulation


Production of regulators in our plant is a fully automated process that takes place on two production lines. We regularly add new functions to existing device models, develop new models that enrich the current offer. At each stage of production of the regulation, we perform special control tests that guarantee a long service life of the equipment and high comfort for the user. Each programmer works with a tester who checks the correct operation and all the details in the logic of the device. Part of the production process is our own laboratory, where we check the equipment at every stage. In a special climate chamber, we check the correct operation of the regulation in different temperature conditions.

Tools dedicated to the user
The programmers of our company have developed a special eModul application, which enables remote control of the operation of both the heating device and the temperature in the rooms using a mobile phone or tablet. Thanks to this, it is possible to save even more on heating even when we are away from home, while we still have the operating parameters of the heating system under control, whether we are at work, traveling or shopping.


For better communication with the client, a modern web tool is available - a configurator, which was created for everyone who wants to independently assess what equipment they will need for heating regulation. The system configurator allows you to quickly and easily select control system components according to your needs, preferred installation and building type. You can prepare your own set taking into account the number of rooms and whether they have radiators or underfloor heating.

Installer Academy and presentation vehicle


We are very happy to share knowledge and exchange experience, which is why we have been organizing free trainings for installers for years, during which we present our devices, explain the principle of their operation, operation and installation. The Installer's Academy is organized periodically in RUŽOMBERK and TRNAV, but also in other cities according to client requirements.

A good opportunity to present the latest products is our presence with a special exhibition car, which we travel according to the requirements of our business partners. The car is equipped with the latest and most frequently purchased models of heating control devices.

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