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Heat pump air / air IVAR.AURA T2, S2

The Thermia Aura air/air heat pump with excellent heating and cooling efficiency and wide functionality is the ideal solution for those who want to heat their homes ecologically and economically without a water heating system (radiators or underfloor heating).

The newly developed Thermia Aura is suitable for all climate zones in Europe, as it is able to heat even at temperatures down to -30 °C.

Aura T2 has a high SCOP and meets the conditions for the highest possible energy class A+++. Thanks to the additional cleaning function, it also reduces the presence of bacteria and viruses. It has a heating/cooling power of 7.3/4.8 kW.

Aura S2 has an A++ energy class. It has a heating/cooling power of 7.0/3.5 kW


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