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MAXI module without / with circulation

Module - for preparing hot water


primary PN 3, secondary PN 10, T = +95 °C
minimum flow 2 l/min
Compact and completely pre-assembled station for comfortable and hygienic preparation of hot water, which is heated only at the moment when the demand arises. Fresh, warm and hygienically clean water is always available, without the need for a hot water tank. The energy required for hot water heating is obtained in sufficient quantity from various sources, such as storage tanks, thermal solar systems, solid fuel boilers, oil or gas boilers, or other systems. As FRIWA MAXI works with a low primary circuit supply temperature, it is an ideal solution in combination with solar and low-temperature
heating systems. It offers a fast, safe and clean solution.
material brass, stainless steel, EPDM seal, EPP thermal insulation
use for 15 to 100 housing units
maximum flow rate 77 l/min, at a temperature of heating water on the primary side +60 °C, temperature of hot water on the secondary side +45 °C and temperature of SV +10 °C
flow rate in the cascade up to 154 l/min, at a temperature of heating water on the primary side +60 °C, a temperature of DHW on the secondary side +45 °C and a temperature of SV +10 °C


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