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A pressure switch

A pressure switch (also called a pressure sensor or pressure protection) is a device that is used to monitor and regulate the pressure in the system. Its main function is to switch the electrical circuit based on reaching a certain pressure.

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The working principle of the pressure switch: The pressure switch is usually equipped with a membrane that is sensitive to pressure changes in the system. When the pressure in the system increases or decreases to a set value, the membrane bends and causes the contacts in the electrical circuit to open or close. This will allow current to be switched on or off which can control other devices or systems.

Types of use of the pressure switch:

Pump Protection: In pump applications, a pressure switch is used to monitor line pressure and ensure that the pump only operates when there is sufficient pressure for proper operation.

Compressor protection: In compressor systems, pressure switches are used to regulate and protect the compressor from excessive pressure.

Tank Protection: Pressure switches are used to monitor the fluid level in the tank and ensure that the tank is not overfilled or over emptied.

Water Pump Protection: In water pump applications, pressure switches monitor system pressure and regulate pump operation as needed.

Boiler Protection: Pressure switches are used in boiler systems to monitor and control system pressure, which is important for safe operation.

Uses in hydraulic and pneumatic systems: Pressure switches are often used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems to monitor and regulate pressure in various parts of the system.

Pressure switches have a wide range of applications and play a key role in monitoring and controlling pressure in various systems and equipment. Their correct setting and maintenance is important to ensure trouble-free operation of the system and protection against undesirable events, such as interruption of the pressure supply or damage to the equipment.

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