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accumulation tank

An accumulation tank is a device that serves to accumulate heat and then release it in heating or hot water heating systems. This tank is used to store the excess heat that is generated in the system when there is no need to use the heat at the moment.

The principle of the storage tank is simple. When the device is switched on, the heating medium (e.g. water or thermal solution) is heated and the warm substance is stored in the tank. During the period when heating or water heating is not required, the warm substance is stored in the storage tank. When heat is needed, the tank gradually releases heat to the heating system or hot water.

The advantages of storage tanks include:

Efficient use of available heat: The storage tank allows heating systems to produce heat when energy is cheap (for example at night) and store it for when the need for heating is higher (for example during the day).

The possibility of using renewable resources: Storage tanks are often combined with renewable energy sources such as solar panels or heat pumps to take advantage of the low cost and environmental acceptability of these sources.

Flexibility in operation: Accumulation tanks provide flexibility in the operation of heating systems, which can lead to better management and energy savings.

Accumulation tanks are often used in low-temperature heating systems, such as underfloor heating or heat pumps. Their advantages lie in the ability to efficiently use the available heat and improve the energy efficiency of the entire installation.

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