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heating medium

A heating medium is a substance that is used to transfer heat from a heater (such as a boiler, heat pump, or solar system) to heating elements (such as radiators or underfloor heating) in heating systems. Its task is to transfer heat from the source to the space we want to heat and to ensure that the temperature in the room is maintained at the required level.

Some of the most common heating media include:

Water: Water is the most common heating medium used in conventional heating systems. The heat is transferred through the water, which is heated in the heater and then circulated through the radiators, where the heat is released into the room.

Steamed water: Steamed water is used as a heating medium in some industrial and manufacturing processes because steam has a higher heat capacity than liquid water and can carry more heat.

Glycol solutions: These glycol-based solutions are often used in systems with low temperatures or where it is necessary to protect heating systems from freezing.

Oils: In some industrial applications, special thermal oils are used, which have high thermal stability and can work at high temperatures.

The choice of heating medium depends on the specific heating system and its needs. It is important to ensure that the heating medium has sufficient thermal conductivity, low viscosity, protection against freezing and good stability during operation.

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